This Month, L.A. is For Walkers


This month is Walktober, and pedestrian advocates all over the country are celebrating walking in their cities. Here in L.A., a group I work with named Los Angeles Walks is hosting events all month long to get people out and on their feet in Los Angeles, including a “WalkLAvia” at this Sunday’s CicLAvia. Part of our goal is to change the perception that L.A. is not a great place for walking. This photo I snapped at Union Station on a warm summer night is a side of the city that most people—even those who live here—don’t usually see, and sometimes don’t believe. I still meet Angelenos who don’t know that we have a subway system or that trains actually depart to other parts of the country from these tracks. Standing here, I not only see proof that L.A. predates cars, I see people arrive in the city on wheels and then begin their journeys here on foot. And that, is how I’m still traveling.