This Jeff Bornstein is Not Running For Office. He’d Like to Share His Political Opinions Anyway

Jeff Bornstein is running for city controller. Jeff Bornstein is also a comedian with a psychic wife.

We’ve got a case of double vision when it comes to two current candidates for city office. Kevin James is running for mayor, but he’s not the same Kevin James who film audiences would recognize as a zookeeper or mall cop. Jeffrey Bornstein, a candidate for city controller we interviewed earlier this month, has a name twin, too.

While the politician’s campaign posters are plastered throughout L.A., he’s not the only well-known Bornstein in town. Entertainer Jeff Bornstein headlines a comedy show with his mind-reading wife. To be clear, that Jeff Bornstein is not running for office. But if he were, here’s how he’d answer our STUMPED column questions.

On background: Bornstein has an “extensive” political background, in that it extends from third to fourth grade. His tenure as class treasurer was not without controversy. Funds were appropriated for the purchase of some off-budget chocolate chip cookies, and when this came to light he was impeached. He never ran for office again, but did pursue public service work; he volunteered to be in charge of “quality control” for his school’s annual bake sale. 

Current platform: The comedian says a strong platform is essential, “especially in the subway where you might fall onto the tracks.” Once, he wore a pair of platform shoes, and after tumbling off a curb he gained newfound respect for the heights women go to impress.

Campaign slogan:“It doesn’t take a mind reader, but I know one!” 

In his/her corner: Jeff has been endorsed by every member of his family, except his sister because he pulled her hair once when he was ten.

The City Controller acts as Big Brother to the other government offices—not the most glamorous of positions. What draws you to the job?

I called to ask my big brother about this, but he declined to comment fearing I was really calling to ask his help with moving some furniture on a Saturday. I believe public service is an honor. That, and I do what my wife tells me to do.

Who oversees the finances in your household?

My wife trusts me completely with our finances, but then she’s a mind reader, so she knows where every dime goes even if I don’t tell her. The good news is she lets me buy all the chocolate chip cookies I want. Now, if I could just figure out where she keeps hiding them…