This is Not Their Town


Since Walter O’Malley’s kids sold away their birthright to Rupert Murdoch 12 years ago, Dodger baseball has fallen ever deeper into the crapper as far as integrity is concerned. Nevertheless, the organization’s announcement yesterday that Manny Ramirez had been sent packing, only hours after Dodger owners Frank and Jamie McCourt began their divorce battle, was as inadvertently inspired as it was predictably shameless. Sure, Manny turned out to be—surprise!—an aging baby of declining power and durability, undimmed only in his temper tantrums. Granted too that he siphoned tens of millions off a team gullible enough to have taken him in. But as an agent of degradation and decay, what a piker Manny was compared to the McCourts, who siphoned off many more millions from the club to maintain their Marie Antoinette lifestyle, jacking up ticket prices and parking fees to unconscionable heights while presumably paying less in local and federal taxes than dear Nancy Bea incurred playing her organ during a single seventh inning stretch.  Sure we’ll always hate the Giants, but how about those Red Sox, who have turned Dodger Stadium into a landfill for their toxic assets, dumping our way not only Manny in 2008 but the McCourts themselves, after rejecting their 2002 purchase offer for their hometown heroes.  While we’re perfectly glad to get rid of Manny this dismal season, true mercy will only become possible should Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon find that neither Frank nor Jamie are fit to enjoy custody of L.A.’s beloved team, and declare the Dodgers wards of the court.

Ed Leibowitz