This DTLA Gas Station is Charging More Than $8 Per Gallon

A Chevron gas station located in Downtown L.A. was charging upwards of $8 for a regular gallon of gasoline this week

As of Thursday morning, the average cost for a gallon of regular gas in California was $6.213 and $6.221 in Los Angeles County, according to figures from American Automobile Association is (AAA). But one special gas station in Downtown L.A. decided to charge upwards of $8 this week, Fox11 reports.

Those who found themselves filling their tanks at the Chevron station on Alameda Street and Cesar Chaves Avenue near Union Station in DTLA were charged a whopping $8.05 per gallon for regular gas, according to the news outlet.

Chevron claims that there were multiple factors contributing to the ridiculous rates, “including some unique ones specific to California.” The company noted that a majority of its branded stations in California—including the DTLA location—are independently owned, which means that each station can set their own prices.

“In addition to the price of oil, other factors include the competitive conditions in the marketplace, the higher cost to produce gasoline to the specifications required by the California Air Resources Board, costs associated with fuel distribution, local, state and federal taxes, California carbon-compliance costs, recent inflationary pressures, and fixed costs of doing business that are often higher in California relative to other states (e.g., the cost of commercial real estate),” Chevron told Fox11.

“Chevron does not tolerate unlawful pricing practices at any of its branded stations,” the company added.

The California Attorney General’s office said they are paying close attention to gas prices throughout the state. In March, the office sent a letter to Gas Company CEOs “warning them against illegal market manipulation.”

The attorney general’s office told the news station that the state’s price gouging law is not used unless there is a federal, state, or local declaration emergency.

Also in March, Governor Gavin Newsom proposed a plan that would give a $400 rebate in the form of a debit card per registered vehicle owner in the state, and up to $800 for drivers with more than one vehicle. But both Democratic and Republican legislators have drafted their own plans, leaving gas relief for Californians at a standstill.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, the average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in L.A. County increased 2.8 cents on Saturday to $6.126, according to Fox11. The average price has jumped 8.1 cents over the past six days, including one cent on Monday, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service, ABC7 reports.

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