There’s a New Kid in Town: Another Mountain Lion Discovered in the Santa Monica Mountains

It’s getting crowded up in here

A 150-pound male mountain lion was captured in the Santa Monica Mountains by the National Parks Service on November 21 and has since been released with a GPS collar. Named P-45 (remember August’s adorable mountain lion kittens P-43 and P-44?), the cat joins two other adult males, P-27 and P-12, that live in the Santa Monica Mountains. That area, the NPS believes, is close quarters for the three males, and there’s a chance P-45 defeated one of his rivals in an epic mountain lion showdown. “The number one cause of death in our study is mountain lions killing other mountain lions,” National Parks Service spokesperson Kate Kuykendall told NBC. How P-45 actually gets along with his peers, though, remains to be seen, and the NPS hopes DNA tests will reveal where the newcomer came from.