The World Demands: Send Putin’s Girlfriend Back to Russia!

While thousands are petitioning to send Putin’s gf Alina Kabaeva back to Russia, her friends hope she’ll end the war

Vladimir Putin’s alleged secret lover, former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, will be expelled from Switzerland and sent back to Russia if tens of thousands of petitioners get their way. And Kabaeva’s friends are hoping she’ll tell her guy to end the war on Ukraine when she gets home.

Concerned citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus are asking the Swiss Federation to expel Kabaeva—A.K.A. “The most flexible woman in Russia”—in a petition called “Connect Eva Braun with her Führer,” Page Six reports.

Although it’s probably unfair to liken the athlete-turned-politician to Hitler’s lover, who wed the monster just before they killed themselves in a bunker as Soviet forces took over Berlin, the document to send Kabaeva packing had been signed by more than 61,000 people by Tuesday morning. Organizers hope to get 75,000 signatures.

“She is the favorite wife of delusional dictator and war criminal who has been treacherously attacking Ukraine over the past weeks,” the petition states.

The Swiss government allegedly doesn’t know for sure if Kabaeva, 38, and the four children she reportedly had with Putin are in the country, but a source tells Page Six, “Alina could be traveling under a number of different names and passports. She flies on private jets and would not risk traveling under her own name.”

Getting Kabaeva back to the Kremlin is just the first part of what the world wants from her.

“Alina’s female friends are begging her to fly to Putin and persuade him to end the war,” the tipster tells the column. “He doesn’t seem to be listening to anybody, but perhaps he might listen to her.”

The source added, “Putin is surrounded by rings and rings of security. Alina says she doesn’t know if she can get to him—and even if she does, she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to get out again to be with their kids.”

Kabaeva and Putin’s children were reportedly born in Switzerland and have Swiss passports. Although the Swiss are historically neutral, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was too much even for them. In February, the country denounced the invasion and joined the E.U. in imposing sanctions against Russia.

The petition to kick Kabaeva out of Switzerland notes, “We want to remind you that Alina Kabaeva is not only a woman who stained herself with an association with the Russian dictator, but also a criminal against humanity.”

The petitioners add that Kabaeva, who was a pro-Kremlin member of Parliament for eight years, “was among the initiators of the draft law, which in Russia was called the ‘law of scoundrels’ or ‘the law of Dima Yakovlev’… This shameful move deprived thousands of Russian orphans of the possibility of being adopted abroad. Consequently many applications already open at the time for the adoption of seriously ill children were canceled and applicants for qualified medical care simply died.”

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