The Well-Heeled Hungry Converge on New Beverly Drive Erewhon

The high-end grocer’s new Golden Triangle location is a convenient stone’s throw from Prada, Tom Ford and Gucci

Beverly Hills just added another popular luxury brand retail space to its ever-bustling Beverly Drive—only this one’s a grocery store. But then the very popular Erewhon, which opened its first small location in town on Beverly Drive in 1969, isn’t just a grocery store. Over more than fifty years, it’s morphed into the luxe health food grocery store and takeout spot in Los Angeles, now boasting eight locations all over town.

A sign’s been up at 339 N. Beverly Drive since the middle of the pandemic, Patch reports, saying Erewhon would inhabit the premises. So when the store finally threw open its doors on Wednesday, August 31 (7am to 9pm daily)—a block over from Gucci, Tom Ford and Prada—it was met with a well-heeled Beverly Hills crowd of local employees, Rodeo Drive retail workers, ladies on their way to local hair and nail salons, and Erewhon fans from other neighborhoods who just had to check out the new spot. Oh, and those who genuflect toward gluten-free, vegan and organic foods and are willing to shell out for them. Erewhon’s takeout soups, salads, entrees—and don’t forget that glammed up smoothie bar—are known to be some of the best takeaway items in town.

The store’s outdoor patio was packed this week with organic coffee drinkers (love those Clover lattes) and those who like their pastries and smoothies in vegan form. Opening day consumers got their lattes and cappuccinos free if they were among the first hundred costumers to spend over a hundred bucks—which is pretty easy to do at Erewhon. No doubt, the new BH Erewhon will add another great people-watching spot to the Golden Triangle.

After original owners Michi and Aveline Kushi opened their macrobiotic health food store in Boston in 1966, they went west and tried their luck on Weho’s Beverly Drive in 1969. In 2011, Tony and Josephine Antoci purchased the store and expanded it down the road, between Fairfax and LaBrea, into what it is today.

Erewhon’s other locations include its superstore on Beverly Boulevard, its very popular Venice spot, Santa Monica, Calabasas, Silver Lake, Pacific Palisades and most recently, Studio City.

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