The Wednesday Afternoon Cram: When Props Attack & a Pedicured Goat


Prop. 38 Supporters Attack Jerry Brown’s Prop. 30
Both sides are spending a lot of money to make sure their school-supporting tax-raising initiative looks better than the other.

Roman Polanski Sex Assault Victim Penning Memoir
Samantha Geimer, now 47, is ready to write her side of the story.

Disneyland Mechanic Hit By Space Mountain Vehicle in Critical Condition
The accident happened after hours.

Echo Park Building Fire Under Investigation
No one knows why the three-story building on Palo Alto Ave went up in flames—yet.

Madeleine Brand Joins ‘So Cal Connected’
The former KPCC host makes her next move.

Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Pleads Not Guilty To Probation Violations Unrelated to “Innocence of Muslims”
He’s been accused of using aliases without his P.O.’s approval.
[The Wrap]

In Report, USADA Reveals Which 11 Former Teammates Provided Evidence Against Lance Armstrong
To be fair, Armstrong challenged them to do it.

Kidnapped Goat Returned to San Diego Petting Zoo With Pink Pedicure
The goat’s owner does not plan to press charges.

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