The Wednesday Afternoon Cram: We Are Happy To Report The World is Not Ending


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

Cal State Chancellor Asks For Pay Cut to Reduce Costs
He’ll see his salary drop from roughly $450,000 to $ 410,000.

Strippers Win $13 Million Settlement in Spearmint Rhino Class Action Suit
They’re gonna need thongs with really deep pockets.

Arrests Made At Flux Pavilion Concert in Santa Monica
A man and a woman were nabbed for public intoxication.

Justin Bieber Cited For Unsafe Left Turn in West Hollywood
This is how it starts.

NASA Does Not Think The World Win End on Dec. 21
And these guys put the Curiosity Rover on Mars. Or so they say.

Man Accidentally Stabs Himself During Liquor Store Fight
On the upside, he shouldn’t face stabbing charges.

People’s Sexiest Man Alive is… Channing Tatum!
The country will, once again, be divided.