The Wednesday Afternoon Cram: Sex Offenders, Suicide, and a Quake


A Man Stole A Gold Chain From a 4-Year Old in Lynwood
The worst part: he pushed him down, too.

Producer Brian Gerber Commits Suicide
We certainly hope this is not quickly becoming an Industry trend.

Wilmington Raid Leads to Arrests of 14 Sex Offenders
Turn’s out It’s quite the sex offender hot spot.

Lois Goodman Says She Did Not Kill Her Husband With A Coffee Mug
The tennis ref plead not guilty to a murder in court today.

Dodger’s Matt Kemp Listed as Day-to-Day
He’s been running into things this week.

Quake Shakes Yorba Linda
It’s a 4.1 east of L.A.

Petitions Could Sway City to Overturn Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban
50,000 people have “spoken.”

Mother, Two Children Killed in Hollywood Car Crash
Their van collided with an SUV, then a utility pole.

Hurricane Isaac Has Been Downgraded
But flooding is now a huge concern for Louisiana.