The Wednesday Afternoon Cram: Late Breaking Election News and More


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Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

L.A. Council Backs Creation of City ID Card for Illegal Immigrants
The card could be used to: open bank accounts, pay utility bills, and borrow library books.

El Segundo Workplace Stabbing Suspect Now in Custody
At least two people were attacked.

Alan Jackson Concedes Race to Jackie Lacey
She’s now District Attorney Lacey.

This Berman-Sherman Thing Is Finally Over
Brad Sherman wins, bringing the most tiring local campaign to a close.

The Dow is Down
Way down; 312 points down.

Mark McGuire Joins Dodgers as Hitting Coach
Dave Hansen was fired from the position when the 2012 season ended.

Filmmaker Behind ‘The Innocence of Muslims’ Sentenced to Jail
Mark Basseley Youssef will spend one year in prison for violating his probation.

NBC Won Last Night, Too
The cable network’s coverage of the presidential election won the war for ratings.