The Wednesday Afternoon Cram: AEG All Over, Kershaw Cleared, and More


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

In Case You Haven’t Heard, AEG, Is Up for Sale
The company owns Staples Center, the Kings, L.A. Live, the LA Galaxy, part of the Lakers, and more.

Mayor Villaraigosa Knew AEG Would Be Up For Sale Before Everyone Else
He just didn’t see a need to share the news with city officials.

L.A. Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong Expresses Interest In AEG
The doctor-investor-philanthropist bid unsuccessfully on the Dodgers last year.

The Endeavor is Coming! The Endeavour is Coming!
The space shuttle left Kennedy Space Center and is headed this way.

City Hall Was Vandalized Tuesday Night
Someone spray-painted “this blows” and other observations on the building’s façade.

El Monte Mayor Requests Independent Review of Lifeguard Firings Over Psy Parody
And you thought you had Gangnam Style stuck in your head.

Hip Specialist Clears Kershaw for Pitching
The Dodgers will keep him sidelined until Tuesday anyway.