The Wednesday Afternoon Cram, 6/27/12


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

L.A. Kings Not Happy That the NHL Finals Game 6 Puck Is Missing
A hockey whodunnit–sort of.

Zoo Officials Investigating Tragic Chimp-on-Chimp Murder
Witnesses have identified a male adult chimp as the attacker.

Ghana Police Jail Irvine Couple Under Suspicion Of Child Trafficking
Sol and Christine Moghadam were in the country to pick up four children they had just adopted.

Seventeen Injured in 18-Car Pileup on 14 Freeway in Agua Dulce
But everyone’s alive.
[Daily News

Proposed 5th Street Post Office Closure Gets a Public Hearing
In case you want to weigh in.

Nora Ephron Passed Away Tuesday
Here’s just one obit.

Paula Deen Lost 30 Lbs.
Chances are you’re going to hear about this sooner or later.