The Tuesday Afternoon Cram: Something Smelly, Glen Bearian, Malibu Rental Rates, Laker Talk, and More


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

Today is the 11th Anniversary of Attacks of 9/11
LAist marks the occasion with a memorial photo gallery.

There’s a Fight Club in San Diego Just for Vets
So they don’t have to quit combat cold-turkey.

If You Ever Wanted to Be a Teacher, Now’s a Good Time To Go For It
Competition is light!

Glen Bearian May Stay in SoCal After All
He just needs money for a one-way trip to Alpine.

Something Smells Rotten in L.A County
Popular humor is pointing its finger at the Valley.

No, The Mexican Drug War is Not Slowing Down
Police found 16 bodies in a truck in Guerrero today.

Malibu Summer Rentals Were Down This Year
No one leased Pierce Brosnan’s place for $250,000 a month.
[Curbed LA]

Mark Cuban Isn’t Impressed By the Lakers Lineup
Let the games begin.