The Tuesday Afternoon Cram, 7/31/12


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

Garcetti, Greuel In Fund-Raising Tie
If campaign money is any indication, it’s going to be a very close mayoral race.

L.A. Housing Prices Rebound
Prices are an itsy bit up for the third month in a row.

Obama Campaign Owes Newport Beach Money
$35,000 for police protection during a February fund-raiser, to be exact.

Santa Monica Priest Charged With Sex Crime
Rafael Venegas, a former priest from Saint Anne’s Catholic Church and Shrine, turned himself in.

Term Limit Extension Proposal Rejected
Only supervisors Michael Antonovich and Don Knabe thought three consecutive four-year terms was not enough.

Dodgers Pick Up Shane Victorino
The two-time All-Star center fielder plays for the Phillies no more.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl Has a Marijuan Presicription
He suffers from neuropathy, and he’s for legalizing pot.

Reporter’s Twitter Account Suspender, Then Restored Over Olympic Rant
Twitter is trending on Twitter.

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