The Tuesday Afternoon Cram, 6/19/12


Russian Prostitute Ring Busted in L.A.
A man and his former and current wives have been recruiting prostitutes together.
[Daily News]

Data Expert: LAFD Needs Overhaul
Among Jeffrey Godown’s data findings about the LAFD: the LAFD isn’t that into data.

NoHo Crash Caused by Driver’s Seizure
Five vehicles were involved in the accident on Victory Blvd.

Wedding Ring Discovered in Used Car
Anyone missing a 15-karat gold band?

Fire Agencies Bracing For Busy Season
This is your first red flag warning!

Soda Ban Possibly Headed Our Way
What took so long?

Ramon Sessions Breaks Up With the Lakers
The point guard is looking for the real thing.

Glass House Ratings Disappoint
There’s hope for the future of entertainment.

Race Horses Implicated in Dopping Scandal
They’ve been “frog juicing.”