The Tuesday Afternoon Cram, 3/6/12


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

Six Major Hackers Arrested
Hector Xavier Monsegur, known online as “Sabu,” is Anonymous no more.
[LA Times]

Carjaking, Shooting Victim Saved By Good Samaritan
“What would you do?” he asked.

Angels Flight Fare to Double
Starting March 12, it will cost $0.50 to ride the railway.
[Daily News

Elderly Twins Found Dead in Tahoe Home
Investigators are looking for relatives of Joan and Patricia Miller, who both appear to have passed away of natural causes. We are having a small bout of déjà vu.

Today is Super
Ohio, Tennessee are the states most in play in today’s GOP primaries

US, Russia, China, France, Britain, and Germain to Resume Negotiations With Iran
Everyone’s gonna try to talk this nuclear situation out.