The Tuesday Afternoon Cram, 12/13/11


Everything you need to know from a sampling of today’s front page

Like Everybody Else, Chuck Lorre Thought Charlie Sheen Was Going to Die
Unlike everybody else, he was also afraid for his own life. 
[USA Today]

Scientists See Signs of “God Particle”
And people say scientists don’t believe in God…
[ABC News

National Transportation Safety Board Urges Cellphone Ban for Drivers
We may soon have to keep our distractions to arguing in the car, shaving, applying makeup, and looking at maps upside down.
[NY Times

LA Kings Fire Coach Terry Murray
The L.A. sports shuffle continues.
[LA Times

Russ Stanton Steps Down as Times Editor
Managing Editor Davan Maharaj will move into the Editor’s office
[LA Times

Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot reaches $116M
No point in buying a ticket, we’ve got this one, folks.
[Daily News

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