The Thursday Afternoon Cram: Veggie Burgers, Paramedic Fees, and Police PR


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

Shoplifting Mom Abandons Kids at Kmart
Theresa Maris is out of the running for Mom of the Year.

OC Husband and Wife Duo Plead Guilty To Sex With Student
Menage a teacher.

Police: Riverside Woman, Children Stabbed to Death by Her Ex
He was apprehended covered in blood and wielding a knife.

Several Children Were Hit By 100-Year-Old Driver at an Elementary School Yesterday
Four crisis counselors are on campus today.

Man Starts Campaigning For Veggie In-N-Out Burger
“In-N-Out Burger: Offer a Veggie Burger:” a fine idea in need of a less wordy slogan.

Police Officer Demoted Over Use of Force in Tujunga Traffic Stop Incident
Police Chief Beck also ordered an internal investigation.

Paramedic Fees Cannot Be Waived for Families of Electrocuted Good Sams
Will city officials cover the costs?

Will Clint Eastwood Speak at the RNC Tonight?
The “surprise guest” is… not that surprising.

Jersey Shore Canceled by MTV
It too shall pass.