The Thursday Afternoon Cram: Poison, Political Ads, and Publication News


Laura Chick Endorses Wendy Greuel For Mayor
The former City Controller joins city councilman Bill Rosendahl in Greuel’s corner.

Rec Center Director Accused of Stealing Lunch Money From Kids
Carol Brandt is the villain of this alleged story.

Berman, Sherman Campaigns Release New Attack Ads
The opposing representatives battling over a seat in congress make Romney and Obama look like besties.

8 Oz. Burger Bar Restaurateur Charged With Poisoning Pregnant Girlfriend
40-year-old Joshua Woodward denies the allegations.

KCET to Merge With Link Media
“A bold step.”

Los Angeles Times, Daily News Oppose Measure B
That’s two big endorsements against the ‘condoms for porn stars’ mandate.
[LA Weekly]

Newsweek Will Not Be A Print Publication in 2013
After 80 years, the magazine will be a digital product only.
[The Daily Beast]

Photograph: Wendy Greuel