The Thursday Afternoon Cram: Crime, Nuclear Power, and an NFL Stadium Party


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

El Monte Mayor Would Like The ‘Gangnam Style’ Lifeguards To Get Their Jobs Back
He’ll call for a vote at a City Council meeting mid month.

Edison Petitions to Restart the San Onofre Reactor
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be reviewing the idea for months.

LAPD Will Not Honor Federal Requests to Detail Illegal Immigrants
Chief Charlie Beck puts one boot firmly in the immigration policy arena.

Glendale Tennis Dale Kim Coach Arrested on Molestation Charges
Police are seeking out additional victims.

AEG, City Leaders Celebrate NFL Stadium Deal
First comes the party, then comes a team?

Police Investigating Crank Call Reporting Gunfire at Ashton Kutcher’s Home
Someone is trying to punk him.

NBA Instates New Flopping Rule
Inspires a Dwight Howard – Steve Nash comedy routine.

PBS Blasts Romney Threats
@FiredBigBird is likewise pissed.

Romney Won Last Night’s Presidential Debate
Media: It’s not up for debate.