The Thursday Afternoon Cram, 6/7/12


SoCal Gas Prices Drop By Double Digits
It’s down from outrageous to really expensive.

Simi Valley Man Suffers Heart Attack While Fleeing After Murdering His Ex
Karma may work quicker than anyone thought.

Two Planes Intercepted During President Obama’s Southland Visit
A Cessna 206 and a Cherokee PA 28 were kindly escorted out of the no-fly zone.

 – And now the Daily News reports two more got in Air Force 1’s way. L.A. traffic! 

95-Year-Old Kirk Kerkorian Feted With Flash Mob
We’re happy to hear he didn’t suffer a heart attack at the surprise.

NYT Presidential Election Forecaster Gives Obama The Edge—For Now
Talking heads, discuss.

Sailor Serving in Afghanistan Receives Diploma From L.A. Valley College
Congrats to Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Erik Mendoza!
[Daily News] 

Paris Jackson Was Confused By Wearing a Mask
Michael’s daughter opened up to Oprah.

It’s Not Easy Growing Up Gay In America
This even-less-surprising-than-the-last headline comes courtesy of more than 10,000 young gay and lesbian survey takers.

Ellen and Portia Have Matching Dos
Are they having a Brad & Gwyneth phase?

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