The Thursday Afternoon Cram, 3/29/12


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

Mega Millions Fever Sweeps Southern California
We’ve been burning up for days.

It Appears To Some Experts That Magic’s Group May Have Overpaid for the Dodgers
$2 billion is a lot of money.
[Daily News

Koreatown Activists Threatening to Sue Over Redistricting
City of Los Angeles, you’ve been warned.

Azuza Man Sentenced for Poisoning Wife’s Cereal
It was Fernando Porras in the kitchen with the paint thinner.

Baby Whale Freed in Huntington Beach
Capt. Dave Anderson: “He said thank you.”

Lindsay Lohan’s DUI Probation Ends
Five years, multiple stints in rehab, and five trips to jail later.