The Selena Gomez ‘Working Girl’ Reboot Could Actually Be Quite Choice

Gomez is a veteran of comedy, including starring with Martins Steve and Short, and she may be the perfect person to update this classic

On the heels of Jake Gyllenhaal taking on the Road House reboot comes the news that Selena Gomez is in “final negotiations” to produce a redo of the Mike Nichols-directed 1988 classic Working Girl, which starred Melanie Griffith as an upwardly-mobile, very quotable New York secretary. The new version will likely be a Hulu streamer, and promises to be a better bet than the quickly-cancelled Sandra Bullock series of the ‘90s.

Gomez, who has not announced whether she’ll star in Working Girl 2.0 (but come on), has been honing her comic chops on Only Murders In the Building, holding her own against Steve Martin and Martin Short. She also proved a very game Saturday Night Live host this year.

Also promising: Ilana Pena is set to write the screenplay. She’s the creator of the well-reviewed Disney+ YA series Diary of a Future President, but maybe more importantly has a background as a writer for the criminally under-watched sitcom Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Still, it’s hard to imagine any new version’s cast measuring up to the powerhouse foursome of Melanie Griffith, Sigourney Weaver, Harrison Ford, and especially Joan Cusack as Tess McGill’s Staten Island-accented bestie. (But it’d be fun to watch a scene-stealer like Patti Harrison or Megan Stalter give that role a shot.)

And while some may grumble about the seemingly never-ending torrent of ’80s and ’90s reboots, Working Girl actually seems ripe for revisiting or reinvention. The original is a trove of ’80s fashion, from Cusack’s peacock-hued eyeshadow to sidewalk Reeboks swapped for in-office heels, and some seriously retro office politics, including the very term “secretary.” Gomez has an opportunity to introduce the story of scrappy striver Tess McGill to a whole new audience, whether it’s a vintage throwback or a post-pandemic reimagining.

But hear us out: What if 20th Century took all that reboot cash and just put it into polishing up a rerelease of the original that looks like it was shot yesterday? Gotta be easier than what they’re apparently doing to Avatar.

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