The Pileup: Today’s Top Local News 5/8/13

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Machette Control
Around 10 p.m. last night, LAPD officers responded to a radioed report of a man threatening a resident with a machete. When they arrived at the 1700 block of North Fuller Avenue in Hollywood they discovered the suspect, 28-year-old Oliviero Bozzi, had barricaded himself inside a fifth-floor apartment. When he wouldn’t surrender peacefully, nearby apartments were evacuated and the SWAT team was called in. Bozzi was taken into custody and booked for criminal threats.

Firemen, Trucks Reunited

The Los Angeles City Council has authorized more than $1.6 million in overtime costs to reverse Fire Captain Brian Cummings’ recent move to redeploy 22 firefighters from trucks to ambulances. Although Cummings says the staffing changes were intended to help the department answer complaints over its emergency response time, he’s been criticized for reducing the number of firefighters on truck duty. The bigger problem at play here—the fire department’s next operational budget—will reportedly be reviewed this week.

Doling Out the Dorner Manhunt Money
Judges have decided to award four informants a portion of the up to $1 million reward in the Christopher Dorner case. Jim and Karen Reynolds, who were tied up by the ex-officer during his February killing spree, will receive 80% of the money because the information they provided directly led to the “hot pursuit and capture of Dorner.” The remaining 20% will be shared by R. Lee McDaniel, who flagged down police to say he had spotted Dorner in Corona (he gets 5%), and Daniel M. McGowal, who later spotted Dorner’s burning truck” (he’ll get 15%). A 12-page report released by the Los Angeles Police Department details the judges’ decision.