The Pacific Ferris Wheel Is Going to Look Pretty in Purple This Sunday Night

The landmark and others will be illuminated in violet to raise Alzheimer’s awareness

There certainly won’t be a victory parade for the Lakers this week (congratulations, Oakland) but that doesn’t mean L.A. won’t be awash in purple. On Sunday, the Alzheimer’s Association, California Southland Chapter will illuminate three of L.A.’s most visible landmarks in its signature color as a part of The Longest Day, an annual nationwide event to raise awareness of the disease. In addition to learning about Alzheimer’s, the organization encourages people to spend the extra time we get during the summer solstice honoring the lives of those afflicted by the disease by doing the things they love most (it could be gardening, hiking, or anything at all)—and to raise funds for patient care and research, too. So where should you go if you want to see that purple glow?

  1. LAX Pylons: The 100-foot-tall columns that tower behind the famous LAX letters can be seen from points around the airport and by airplane passengers traveling up to 3,000 feet in the sky.
  2. The Pacific Ferris Wheel: Nine-stories tall, the Ferris wheel (which happens to be the only solar-powered Ferris wheel in the world) offers views of Catalina Island, Santa Monica Bay, and the Southern California coastline and can be spotted from most of the beach cities.
  3. U.S. Bank Tower: Once the tallest building in the world—still the tallest in California—the U.S. Bank tower is perhaps the most notable silhouette in the downtown skyline. It’s visible from Grand Park.