The Monday Edition


The phone rings. Email dings. A question about the magazine is posed. These things usually happen on a Friday. Hence, the name the Friday Afternoon Question. This question actually came in to our Art Dept. and I got the scoop from our Assistant Art Director, Debbie Kim who got the call. We get questions about our covers all the time. Where can I get that dress? That lamp?? What is that font??? Usually the answer is in the magazine somewhere (except for the font question): in the credits or in the gutter (mag-speak for the inside along the spine of the magazine). The caller said they were doing “research.” It was kind of cute.

The Question:  What brand of dog biscuit is that on the May Pets Guide?

Debbie’s Answer:  The dog treat dangling from our logo on the May issue is not a Milk-Bone (it is shaped like one). It’s an Old Mother Hubbard biscuit (peanut butter). It is credited on p. 6 in the gutter. Our Design Director, Steve Banks picked them up at Centinela Feed and Pet Supplies  Bon Appetit.