The Monday Afternoon Cram, 8/6/12


Curiosity Mars Rover Reaches Red Planet
Hugs, high-fives, and happy tears at JPL (and yeah, OK, here too).

City to Give Up Management of Convention Center?
It could save L.A. up to $37 million over five years.

CA Supreme Court Upholds Enrique Parra Duenas’ Death Sentence
He was convicted of murdered LA County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Hoenig in 1997.

Robbery Victim Investigated for Child Porn
A man is under arrest after inappropriate photos were discovered on his stolen computer.

Dog Theft on the Rise
Watch your pooches, people!

L.A. Ranks Third in Metro Music Index
Take that, Austin, Seattle, and everywhere else except Nashville and New York.

LAPD Steps Up Security at Sikh Temples
There does not seem to be a local terrorist threat.
[Daily News

Lots of Title Changes Announced at AMC
A management shakeup is underway.

Gay Street Artist Claims Chick-fil-A Vandalism
That wasn’t too smart.