The Monday Afternoon Cram, 7/9/12


High Speed Rail Officials Reject Advice From French Railway Developer
Is the rail authority board putting the train in front of the track?

Grenades, Blasting Caps, Fuse Igniters, and Powders Found at OC Intersection
A backpack holding the items seems to have “been here for a while.”

81-Year-Old Blind Man Causes Commotion, Grounds Flight from LAX
Passengers missed out on twelve hours in Ft. Lauderdale–can you imagine the kvetching?

1188 DUI Arrests Made Between June 29-and July 8
We’re not sure if this is good news or bad.
[Daily News

Heat Wave!
Expect triple-digit temps this week.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Reach Divorce Settlement
That was fast.

Gavin Smith’s Family Canvases Sylmar With Fliers
Their search for the missing Fox exec continues.

Dwight Howard’s Future Is a Little Complicated Right Now
But he could very likely end up playing ball in Brooklyn.

Double Whammy: Texas Rejects Two Obamacare Proposals
The Lone Star state will not expand Medicaid coverage or set up a state-run insurance exchange.