The Monday Afternoon Cram, 5/07/12


U.S. Counterterrorism Forces Thwart Plot Against Commercial Plane
Tragedy averted. 

Shark Incidence Reported Off Catalina Island
A 15-year-old swimmer has not been injured; her paddleboard was not so lucky.

20th Century Fox Exec Missing
57-year-old Gavin Smith was last seen on May 1.

Metrolink Chief to Resign
John Fenton is leaving on a high note.

Disney to Admit New Members to Club 33
That’ll be $25K in initiation fees and $10K in annual dues—and you thought a day at the park was pricey.

John Travolta Sued for Assault, Sexual Harassment
The plaintiff is John Doe.

39-Pound Cat Dies of Complications Related to Obesity
RIP, Meow.
[USA Today]

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