The Monday Afternoon Cram, 3/5/12


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

African American Riverside High School Freshman Shot By Latino Gunman
Racial tensions are running hot.
[LA Times

Closing Arguments Underway In Stephanie Lazarus Trial
The former Los Angeles Police Detective is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend’s wife.

Animal Services Workers are Very Busy Spaying, Neutering Cats
Feral love is in the air!
[Daily News

For Sale: Dick Clark’s Cave-Like Malibu Manse
It could be yours for a cool $3.5 mil.

So Far Nine Sponsors Have Dropped Rush Limbaugh Over Fluke Attack
“Contraception is having a moment.”

GOP Candidates Storm Ohio Before Super Tuesday
Romney, Santorum—the gang’s all there.

Obama, Netanyahu Meet to Thaw Relationship
Keyword: Thaw.