The Juiciest Pulp: 5 Killer L.A. Noir Covers—With A Twist

Listen you, we’ve done a round-up of our favorite pulpy paperbacks and added one soon-to-be classic. Read it, if you know what’s good for ya

In a Lonely Place
By Dorothy Hughes

Judge this book by its cover. An under-the-radar serial killer results in a story best described as:  “A classic tale of American machismo gone mad!”

Lady in the Lake
By Raymond Chandler

Murder plots, missing dames, and someone’s out to pin the blame—on L.A’s most private of eyes: Philip Marlowe

Blade Runner
By Phillip K. Dick
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Philip K Dick’s futuristic-noir fantasy gets the pulp treatment—and how—with this reinterpretation of the big screen version.

Double Indemnity
By James M. Cain

Same chair, same perfume, same anklet. Same double-crossing mind games where everybody loses.

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