The Friday Afternoon Question


Usually the FAQ (Friday Afternoon Question) is posed on my constantly ringing phone, and I do my best to answer it here. Typical queries concern past articles, where to go dancing, take ma to brunch, story ideas that involve jury duty – things like that. This weeks phone call still has me smiling. The question was posed by Maggie Klein, who seems to be as into this city we are. She was cooling her heels at the doctor’s office and wanted to share news of the unique wording on the new vanity license plates for her white Mustang convertible. Klein thought it would make a terrific cover and did we want it for the coveted spot (sorry Maggie). Someone this into the magazine and L.A. (note the “I Love Los Angeles” that surrounds said plate) at least deserves some space here at Klein changes plates each year. Under consideration for next year’s plate? LA MAG.