The Friday Afternoon Question


The questions keep on coming. The last few weeks I’ve gotten some interesting calls. One reader questioned the placement of our story on the death industry in L.A. directly after the Mexican Food Guide. Another wished we would put a picture of the Editor (Mary Melton) on the Editor’s Note page and proceeded to ask for a description. For this week’s Friday Afternoon Question I went with the third email:

The Question: I noticed the #1 Mexican restaurant (Mariscos Chente – congrats!) putting their mention up on the wall in a frame when I was at the restaurant. My neighborhood was mentioned in your 10 Best Neighborhoods (That You’ve Never Heard Of) and I am selling my house. That seemed like a good idea. I’d like to frame it and put it up.

The Answer:  We sent a her mag but here is the story as well from our December 2004 issue (story starts on pg. 80).