The Friday Afternoon Cram


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

Caltrans Wasted Millions To Repair Homes Bought to Bulldoze
Evidence of mispending, nepotism, lack of accountability–auditors are raising all the bright red flags they can hold.

Mid-Day Maserati Gran Turismo Theft Caught on Camera

Eva Offers Discount to Patrons Who Go Phone Free For Their Meal
Diners Without Cellphones: the Doctors Without Borders of foodies.

Mark & Brian’ Go Their Separate Ways
Their separate ways are off KLOS-FM.

Medical Marijuana Trade Group Sues the City
Patient Care Alliances argues the dispensary ban is unconstitutional.

Russian Punk Band Pussy Riot Releases Single in Response to Jail Sentence
“Putin ignites the fires of revolution”

Clinton/Biden Job Swap Rumors Swirling
According to Ed Klein, Hil turned the #2 position down.
[Washington Examiner]