The Friday Afternoon Cram: Two High-Paying Jobs Have Opened


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

Lakers Fire Mike Brown as Coach
He takes the fall for the team’s 1-4 season start.

A Woman’s Body Was Discovered in a Mid-City Driveway
Detectives are looking for witnesses and clues.

3.2 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Newhall
Is everyone prepared for the big one? Here’s what you need to know.

LAUSD Likely to Rescind Furlough Days
Prop. 30 is at work already.

Daniel Craig: James Bond is Not Gay
Clearing up what was never in question.

Beatles Pop-Up Shops To Pop-Up Next Week
DVDS and Blu-Rays will be sold aboard a double-decker bus.

C.I.A. Chief David Petraeus Resigns, Admits Extramarital Affair
A November surprise.