The Friday Afternoon Cram: Magic Johnson Is About to Bobble


Death Penalty Prop Up in Polls
It looks as if California’s death penalty will be replaced by life without parole.

Gang Member Pedro Espinoza Sentenced to Death For 2008 Slaying
Or should we say life without parole?

CA Lottery Tracks Down $23 M Winner Days Before Ticket’s Expiration Date
Julie Cervera is going to celebrate with “five pairs of different shoes.”

Apple’s iPad Mini Debuts
To a resounding meh.

Some of Sepulveda Boulevard To Close Friday Night
A stretch under the Sunset Boulevard Bridge will shut down at 9.

Magic Johnson Is Getting a Bobblehead
We’ve got three words: hot ticket item.

Disney Buys Lucasfilm for $4B
Yes, this is Tuesday’s news, but we’ve been out of town.

The New York City Marathon Has Been Canceled
The annual event is Hurricane Sandy’s latest victim.