The Friday Afternoon Cram: A Green Light for the NFL Stadium & a Bad Day For Sheriff Baca


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

Downtown NFL Stadium Backed By City Council
AEG moves on to the pesky business of finding a team.

Los Angeles County Jobless Rate At 11%
Economists are not optimistic.

The Oldest Snow Monkey in North America Turns 29
You don’t look a day over 25, Nikko!

Carmageddon Perk: Cleaner Air for All
Expect 53 hours of blissful breathing.

Blue Ribbon Panel Blames Sheriff Baca For Inmate Abuse
Undersheriff Paul Tanaka was also raked over the coals.

Jimmy Hoffa Is Not Buried in Detroit Driveway
It’s an unsolved mystery yet.

Dodgers Beat the Padres
A sign of life?

Axl Rose to Photographer: I Never Vandalized My Own Garage
The Guns N’ Roses frontman would like an apology.