The Friday Afternoon Cram, 2/10/12


Everything you need to know from today’s front pages

Charges Will Not Be Filed Against Ex Tournament of Roses Official
The D.A. has deemed new evidence in a murder cold-case insufficient.
[LA Times

Pacoima Elementary School Teacher Arrested for Sexual Abuse
LAUSD is facing an epidemic.

Paul McCartney Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
[LA Observed

That Whole Frisbee Fine Thing Was a Giant Misunderstanding.
After much clarification (and clamor) it is now apparent that the only way to be fined $1000 while throwing a Frisbee on a Los Angeles County beach is to do so while naked or shooting a gun or both. Which we do not recommend.
[Daily News] 

Celebrity Kids Are Shaving Their Heads
Angela Chase’s parents had it sooooo easy.