The Friday Afternoon Cram, 12/2/11


Everything you need to know from a sampling of today’s front pages

Lots and Lots of Guns Were Sold On Black Friday
It’s hunting/apocalypse prep season.
[USA Today

Unemployment Drops to 8.6%
Still high, but the needle is moving! 
[NY Times

Magic Johnson Joins Bidding War For Dodgers
Go, Magic!
[LA Times

Cain to Make “Major Announcement” Saturday
Analysts predict he will drop out of the race, stay in the race, or announce another book tour.


A “Women For Cain” Campaign Has Been Launched, Refers to Wife Gloria as “the Very Special Woman Who Mr. Cain Devoted His Life to Many Years Ago.” As In, Before He Met Those Other Very Special Women.
Salt, meet Wound.