The Friday Afternoon Cram, 1/13/12


Fed Transcripts Show No Alarm Over Housing Crisis in 2006.
Signs of impending doom? Hysterical!
[LA Times

Stephen Colbert and John Stewart are Up to Something in South Carolina
The Colbert Report host put his Super Pac in the Daily Show host’s hands and has formed a presidential exploratory committee. This, should be good. For who, we don’t know.

Cuts to L.A.’s Complaint Hotline Generate New Complaints
1.4 million residents would like to speak to a manager.
[Daily News Launches Awards Watch
It’s the best place on the Web to find all things Hollywood Awards Show—nominee interviews, red carpet looks, telecast coverage, and more. Just sayin’!

Brutal Koreatown Robbery Caught on Tape
If this guy looks familiar, call the LAPD.