The Freshman Six: Meet First Time City Councilman Felipe Fuentes

Now that our newly elected city councilmen have had a chance to settle into their new routines, we asked them to reflect upon their first days in office. Here, District Seven’s Felipe Fuentes talks coffee breaks, office attire, and brown bag lunches

The campaign is over but your job has just begun. Which is harder: taking office, or beating your opponent in the primary?
Taking office—the real work starts now. 

What did you wear on your first day as councilman?             
Jeans and a button-up shirt. It was a long day full of unpacking boxes, meeting with constituents, and I even squeezed in an evening Neighborhood Council meeting in Mission Hills. 

As you get to know your route to your new office, have you found a place to stop for coffee along the way?
I always get my coffee either at Choony’s Donuts on Foothill Boulevard or at the AM-PM on Roxford Street. 

Did you bring anything to the office to make your new desk feel like home?
My backpack– never leave home without it. 

It’s lunchtime: brown bag, or eat out?
I like to cook dinner at home, so I usually brown bag my leftovers, but I’m also a foodie and there is a lot of temptation downtown these days. Recently, I’ve spent most of my time in the district, but I have tried a few places near City Hall. I really enjoyed The Sandwich Smith, a shop I can walk to from the office that uses great local meats and produce. 

What are you most looking forward to in your term?
Working with my constituents on a daily basis.

What are you least looking forward to?
Dealing with the bureaucracy 

What issue are you tackling first?
My number one priority is improving the quality of life of residents in my district and throughout the city. There are many areas we need to work on, but I know for my district public safety is key. One of the first things I will tackle is organizing neighborhood residents to be more involved by promoting and supporting local neighborhood watches. Street by street is how we’ll turn around our community.  

Sum up your feelings about your first week at work in three words:
Glad to return.