The Freshman Six: Meet First Time City Councilman Curren Price

District Nine’s new representative fills out our questionnaire for City Hall’s fresh faces

The campaign is over but your job has just begun. Which is harder: taking office, or beating your opponent in the primary?
Taking office is the hardest. Our district has several challenges we must address.

What did you wear on your first day as councilman?
I wore my favorite lucky blue suit.

As you get to know your route to your new office, have you found a place to stop for coffee along the way?
I enjoy taking different routes to work, going down new and familiar streets. I’ve found several places to stop along the way for coffee, like Etchea Cafe & Bakery. 

Did you bring anything with you to make your new desk feel like home?
Pictures and my favorite ink pen.

What are you most looking forward to in your term?
I look forward to following through with campaign promises and improving the quality of life for the citizens of the New 9th District.

What are you least looking forward to?
Nothing at this time. I am very optimistic and look forward to making a difference in the “New 9th” and I plan to embrace every opportunity to serve our citizens.

What issue are you tackling first?
Beautification and Safety, Economic Development, and Youth Empowerment are my top priorities.  Our district has been overlooked for some time. That’s why we don’t have the luxury of waiting to tackle one at a time. We are working simultaneously to address each issue, so that we can improve the quality of life for our citizens.  

I’ve put together a diverse staff of professionals with the expertise to address these issues. We are also in the process of connecting with community stakeholders to support our efforts to get the job done. 

Sum up your feelings about your first days at work in three words.
I’m having fun!

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