The phone rings. Email dings. I do my best to answer questions about the magazine.

This week a caller left a message asking if we recently ran a story on raising honeybees.

My Answer: That we did. In the October 2009 issue our Managing Editor Ann Herold put together a wonderful Garden package. On p. 135 there is indeed a sidebar on raising bees and the work of Kirk Anderson – check it out. My own sidebar: a few years ago I inadvertently became a Queen Bee when thousands of bees took a liking to the inside of my wall and a good chunk of the floor underneath my bed. I took to sleeping in my office with a blanket over the door as they started to come through the floor into the apartment. I would shoo them out the window and shut it but they would just linger by the glass as their hive was inside. The constant loud buzzing made me loopy (I began falling asleep driving) as it took my landlord a month to try to remove the little fellas without hurting them. A loooooong month later, they all flew out my window in a giant swarm with a little coaxing. I really can’t be too mad at my noisy houseguests. I only got stung once when I rolled over in bed onto one.