The FAQ: Labor Day Edition


The phone rings, email dings. I do my best to answer questions about the magazine.

After almost 16 years at the magazine my memory is looooong. Queries inevitably happen at the end of the week when folks get their ducks in a row for the weekend. This week I had a woman call and ask me to recommend a cosmetic dentist. “Shame on you,” she scolded when I was not able to provide an answer. A nice subscriber in Austria (“the small country where Schwarzenegger comes from” he wrote) asked me to recommend the latest hot spots for an upcoming trip. I cover parties, so I could recommend a few, but also told him our October issue is just in time for him—it is all about nightlife. He invited me out with him and his pals when they hit town. (I’m thinking about it.) And then there was …

This week’s question: This gal called and was house hunting. She was looking for the issue with the cover story on “The 10 Best Neighborhoods You’ve Never Heard Of.”

The Answer: That particular feature ran in our December 2004 issue. I recall months of editors trolling different parts of town. Have a looksee (the article starts on page 80).