The FAQ 4/7/10


The phone rings, email dings. A query is posed. I do my best to answer questions about the magazine. My best wasn’t good enough this week …

THE QUESTION: A carload of people had the July 2009 Great Hikes issue in their hands and could not find the entrance to the Stunt High Trail and were driving around the Santa Monica Mountains having no luck.

MY ANSWER: I am the opposite of sporty. My idea of exercise is fishing my keys out of my big black purse in the dark. I tried to phone the writer who hiked the trail for the piece. No answer. The Daniel Boone of the group got off the phone to continue the search while I scuttled about for the info. Then I did the next best thing – hollered loud enough in the office to see who else had hiked the trail and where was the entrance? Sporty-spice Managing Editor Ann Herold to the rescue. “They’ve probably gone the wrong way on Mulholland,” she answered. We texted back (something was wrong with our would-be hiker’s voicemail). Then we heard crickets. Did they make it? Was there foul play? Did they just chuck it and stop at Malibu Family Winery for a glass of merlot? They left Ann a message a little later that they had indeed FOUND the entrance and that the sign was down. Try these hikes from our July issue.