The FAQ: 3/12/10


The phone rings. Email dings. A question about the magazine is posed. I do my best to answer. This week’s query? Technically it came in on a Thursday but it was close!

FAQ: Of all the Afternoon Teas you checked out for September 2009’s Best Of round-up, which was your favorite?

My Answer: Easy one! The Montage Beverly Hills. This is the tea I send folks to most often. It is consistently excellent. They switch up the menu items every few months, the service is wonderful and it’s luxe and comfy at the same time. Just sent a group there a few weeks ago and they raved and ran into Meryl Streep, which is always fun. I love afternoon tea and have been to them all from Big Bear to Long Beach to Woodland Hills to Cambria. In September’s roundup I tried to show some of the new ones in LA County but there are so many wonderful sips and they are all quite diverse we even had to run an extra bit. So raise a cup and grab a triangle-shaped sandwich.