The End is Nigh: 405 to Close for 80 Hours


Ready the Alternate Route option on your Google Maps app: The fourth installment of the Sepulveda Pass Widening Project is upon us.

In an event that would surely upset the very forefathers we’ll be celebrating, the northbound 405 freeway will be closed between Getty Center Drive and Ventura Boulevard over Presidents Day weekend, beginning February 14th at 10 p.m. through 6 a.m. February 18th. The congestion monstrosity has aptly been nicknamed “Jamzilla.”

The good news (if you can consider it such) is that the closure is only “partial,” meaning traffic, life, etc. will be unbearable at best during daytime hours—only two of the five lanes will be open—and likely miserable during nighttime hours, when all five lanes are to be defunct.

The shutdown may be inevitable, but preparedness is not. As usual, Metro is on top of the ball, providing handy guides to ramp and connector closures (see below). Updates are also available via Facebook and Twitter, not to mention a special hotline: those who must drive that weekend will be able to dial 511 and say “Jamzilla” for the latest information.