The Daily Brief: Newsom Praises Trump’s Fire Response, New Blazes Spark Overnight, and More

Also a mass exodus at Deadspin, a hit-and-run in Silver Lake, and a hero horse

» Gavin Newsom and Donald Trump have become ideological nemeses, but amid the California blazes, California’s Governor said on Wednesday that Trump’s team is “performing above and beyond expectation,’’ adding that “every single request we’ve had to the Administration has been met.’’ [Politico]

» Two new wind-driven wildfires ignited early this morning. The Hillside fire in San Bernardino sparked around 1:40 a.m., forcing the evacuation of some 1,300 residents in the middle of the night. The 46 fire in Jurupa Valley also forced evacuations, and has burned 150 acres and damaged at least two homes. [Los Angeles Times]

» The Washington Nationals, who whipped the Dodgers in the playoffs (in case you’d forgotten), won their first-ever World Series, beating the Houston Astros 6-2 in Game 7. [MSN]

» Amid the fires, Mayor Garcetti is encouraging residents to sign up for emergency alerts from Notify L.A. The system is intended to deliver urgent messages about fires, earthquakes, and other threats. [NBC Los Angeles]

» In an amazing moment caught on video, a horse appears to run back into the Easy Fire to help guide other horses to safety. The hero horse had been saved by a rescue crew, but galloped back to get two stable-mates. Ultimately all but one horse from the herd was evacuated.  [People]

» The sports (but also lots more than ‘just sports’) site Deadspin is losing editors and writers en masse and may shutter entirely after the site’s corporate owners curtailed the publication’s editorial independence. The site is part of G/O Media, formerly known as Gawker Media.  [Washington Post]

» A city planning committee has given the green light to a plan to redevelop the historic Flower Market into a mixed-use complex. The proposal would include a new 15-story building with hundreds of apartments and offices.   [Curbed] 

» Police are still searching for the diver of a Mini Cooper who hit a cyclist in yet another hit-and-run incident, this one in Silver Lake–and captured on video.   [The Eastsider]

» Well known in the SoCal surf scene, Jeffrey Bizzack, the former business partner of Kelly Slater, is the latest parent to go to prison in the college admissions scandal. His case is different than the other 33 parents; he turned himself in before the arrests and cooperated with federal prosecutors. He will serve two months and pay a $250,000 fine–that’s the same amount he paid Rick Singer to finesse his son into USC.   [Los Angeles Times]

» In Lancaster, one local middle school printed a sex chat phone number on student ID cards, rather than a suicide prevention hotline. The superintendent claims it was a typo, not prank. [CBS Los Angeles]


» Hollywood Hasn’t Settled on a Democratic Candidate. As the star-studded fundraisers roll on and the donations roll in, no clear consensus has formed.

» Wall Street Cheat Michael Milken Could Make a Killing on Tax Breaks for Poor Neighborhoods. Did Milken see an opportunity in ”opportunity zones”?

» LAX’s New Pick-Up Policy Got Off to a Turbulent Start. Travelers reported chaos and staggering wait times after rideshares and taxis were banned from curbside pickups.


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