The Beleaguered Golden Globes Are Back—At Least for a Year

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has managed to clinch a one-year deal to get the show back on NBC in early January

After much consternation, two years of upheaval and a full year off the air, the Golden Globe Awards are coming back to broadcasting on NBC—and, this year, Peacock.

The Globes gala, run by the troubled Hollywood Foreign Press Association, are confirmed to take place on January 10, 2023 on the network that dumped the extravaganza in May 2021 after HFPA got buried under a well-earned landslide of bad press. There’s been a rush of speculation in the last few months, as NBC and Hollywood publicist groups have battled it out with the association over the problematic issues that threatened both the group and the show itself for almost two years: diversity, racism, limited membership, financial and ethical lapses. Oh, and throw in sexual harassment for good measure.

The HFPA has been attempting an overhaul in light of all the uninvited exposure, hiring its first diversity officer, bringing in six Black members and launching various philanthropic efforts—in other words, trying to go from almost zero credibility to Hollywood woke/politically correctness in not a whole lot of time.

While NBC dropped the show last year, in hopes the Hollywood Foreign Press would address its issues, another winter awards show, The Critics’ Choice Awards, swooped in and grabbed the second Sunday in January—the Globes’ normal time slot for the last several years (at least, when faced with football or New Years.) This year, the Critics’ Choice Awards—which are having their own internal issues—grabbed the second Sunday, January 15, 2023, as their date. So what did the HFPA do? Schedule their show, which had been waiting in the wings, on the Tuesday before the Critics’ Choice Awards—as the first show out of the New Year’s gate is always the most relevant when it comes to future nominations, red carpet presence and excitement. By about the third awards show of the year, many viewers are just burnt out.

2023’s Golden Globes will actually mark the show’s 80th year in existence, so expect even more of a blowout than before the pandemic, back in hedonistic times. The Globes aren’t called “The Party of the Year” for nothing. Both film and television stars are present in a vast array of categories. With champagne flowing like a tsunami, stars let loose—maybe too loose—and hosts like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh over the years, entertain while making fun of stars, Hollywood rituals, and the HFPA itself.

But… Will the stars come back? Will their power-publicists let them? Let’s face it, if it means putting their faces in the minds of Academy voters (the Oscars 2023 will take place March 12), they’ll be there in all their borrowed designer finery. No longer are there just 87 members of the HFPA. Aside from the six Black voting members who joined,103 international non-member voters were admitted. The voting body—the nominations will be announced December 12—is now 52 percent female, 19.5 percent Latino, 12 percent Asian, 10 percent Black and 10 percent Middle Eastern. It seems like enough criteria to make NBC comfortable.

However, the HFPA only signed a one-year agreement with NBC—just to be safe. After all, ratings for all awards shows are down (the pandemic didn’t help), so all eyes will be on this show in terms of financial success, and to see if the associations new voters give it more credibility in the industry and with the public.

It will be interesting to see if two of 2022’s most lauded stars, Tom Cruise and Brendan Fraser, will attend. Fraser’s upcoming fall film The Whale, directed by Darren Aronofsky, got all kinds of Oscar buzz coming off the festival circuit—and Cruise’s movie, Top Gun: Maverick, was the box office blockbuster of the year. Fraser had accused former HFPA president Phillip Berk of groping him in 2003—the grope heard round the world—and Cruise notably gave back his three Globes statuettes when the HFPA controversies came down in 2021. Does he dare show his face now?

Right now, all over Los Angeles, hotels, caterers, party planners, Uber drivers, florists, hair stylists, other stylists, makeup artists, trainers, jewelers and luxury brands are rejoicing, as that Golden Globes glitz is a golden opportunity to make a lot more coin. With two major awards shows coming in January, it’s looking like it’s going to be a happier Hollywood Christmas.

There’s only one thing left to question: who will host the 2023 Golden Globes? Politically incorrect cutting edge comics aren’t likely to be asked back. Our guess is: the HFPA will choose anyone—any age—except a white male.

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